Kasam” is again one of those childhood things, that we heard all around us. Kasam or Swear was shouted out as soon as we realized that charges are being levied against us. It had it’s own style of being said – Touching the neck and making the most serious face possible! And most of the times, it was a zero risk swear, since, we simply said, “Teri kasam” or I Swear on you!

Teri kasam ball mere bat is touch nahi hui!

Teri kasam Rahul ne todi hai teri pencil!


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8 thoughts on “Kasam

    • for the art illiterates this time, I explained what kasam is. And looking at the picture, one gets a clue that the little elephants are doing just the same ‘teri kasam” 🙂

  1. Adorable, what a fun, fun shot – I can see the ‘teri Kasam” they are doing – it is funny.

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